Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Mean Girls; A New Era

Mean Girls Movie Cover

Picture this, a new Mean Girls movie. Crazy right? Well, it happened… The new movie was released on January 12, 2024, with the premiere on January 8, 2024. Many students at Ross High School have gone out to see the movie with their friends and family. They are all saying “It’s so fetch.”


Some students don’t want to watch it. When asked if she wanted to watch the new Mean Girls movie, Faith McAlpin, a Sophomore at Ross High School stated,” No, I just recently watched the old one and I don’t think the new one will be like the old.”


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Mean Girls is a movie based on high school teen girls who are worried about their social status and what people think of them. It is also a movie about why those things don’t matter. In the old movie, Lindsay Lohan stars as Cady, the new student at North Shore High School. The movie follows her attempt to fit in and gain the true “high school experience”. When Cady befriends Regina George, the scathing Queen Bee, Cady completely changes who she is and becomes a new version of herself.


In the new film, Reneé Rapp plays Regina, the leader of the Plastics. This new movie is a new take on the classic adding in songs from the hit musical and news stars of the century, Angourie Rice as Cady, Christopher Briney as Aaron, and Tina Fey, who is in the older movie, as Ms. Norbury. These stars are bringing alive the legacy of Mean Girls once again. 


Chris Briney, star on The Summer I Turned Pretty and now the Mean Girls reboot doesn’t think of himself as a heartthrob according to Instyle Magazine. He has a normal life with roommates and he even goes to the laundromat. Being a star doesn’t impact his daily life.


As many can see, Mean Girls has an impact on people because of the way it shows how your popularity doesn’t matter, and when students in high school see why it doesn’t matter then they will start to focus on more important things in school, like the actual work. 

If you are going to watch Mean Girls make sure you do as the movie says and wear pink, because on “Wednesday we wear pink” and the color is “so fetch.”

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