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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Healthy Eating Habits for Ross Athletes

Fruit from a Ross High School students lunch
Fruit from a Ross High School student’s lunch

Athletes need energy and a great way to gain that energy is to fill your body with healthy foods. Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and meat contain nutrients your body needs to properly function. 


Ross High School is big on sports, so a research form was created to send out for the students to fill out and give feedback on what sports they played and what they ate before their sports. Many responses came back with yogurt, protein bars, turkey sandwiches, and even fast food. These are good choices for athletes to eat but there can be some better options. 


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Fruits and vegetables are really good to eat before a sporting event because they are filled with the nutrients and energy you need to have for training. Crackers and cheese are also good because they’re light. You can also put some deli meat on the crackers to get some protein. Speaking of protein, peanut butter toast is a good source of protein and can fill you up enough for your game or practice.


If you have sporting events that will last for a longer amount of time you can make healthy meals. These include grilled chicken and broccoli, rice, potatoes, and wheat pasta. This offers carbohydrates(carbs) that will give you the right amount of energy and fuel for your event. 


Some athletes choose to take a different route and eat unhealthy foods that don’t give them the energy they need. Kelis Egodataye, a sophomore at Ross High School, was asked what she eats before her basketball games. She claims, “…I usually eat some fruit snacks and a fruit roll-up…“


Water or Gatorade is a good fluid to get in your system before a sporting event or during because water keeps you hydrated. Gatorade does have sugar in it but it replaces the water and electrolytes you lose from sweating. 


Another sophomore at Ross High School, Taylor Reiners, was asked if she eats before her swim practice and meets and she states, “ I usually don’t eat before so I probably have 2-3 Cheez-its, that’s about it.” Not eating enough can result in you getting hungry and not having enough stamina to keep you energized for your event.


You should always remember to choose something healthy, and full of protein and nutrients to keep you energized during your sporting event so you don’t run out of steam. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you stay hydrated. Following these tips can help you perform your best in your sport.

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