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Benefits of Taking CCP Courses in High School

RHS Sophomore Rylie Murphy doing her homework.

Many students in High School plan on going to college for their future career, but sometimes there are things that get in the way of going down that path. This includes colleges not accepting students and one of the biggest problems is the cost. Sometimes college tuition can be too expensive for many students these days, and taking CCP courses can be a great opportunity to get free college credits.

In a recent Google survey, an RHS Junior stated,“It gives you a chance to learn at a college level and how to prepare for college.”

While you are in highschool, you are able to take CCP courses at the same time. This means you are able to earn high school credits for graduation, as well as already having credits going into  Freshman year of college. Taking these courses during your highschool years can also be an awesome way to prepare you for what college is like in the future. 

In a recent google survey, An RHS Sophomore stated,“You have a chance to dive deeper into a field.” 

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 When you take a CCP course, it’s going to be different from a regular high school class. One of the biggest differences is that it would be at a college level. If you’re wanting to dive deeper into a certain subject that can’t be done in high school, this is a great option.

In a recent Google survey, an RHS Sophomore stated,“If they feel like they want a more advanced class or a chance to earn college credit, yes.”

CCP has a lot of amazing benefits that can help your future, but there are also things you have to think about. For example, you are going to have to be willing to take a course that is at a college level while you’re in high school. This would include more studying and schoolwork due to your classes being more advanced. 

If you are willing to stay on top of highschool work while you complete CCP courses, many students who have taken them recommend it to other highschool students who are planning on going to college. 

An RHS Junior stated,“Yes, I recommend other RHS students to take CCP courses in order to see what college classes are like even if you don’t plan on going to college.”

Overall, CCP is a great option to think about while you are still in highschool, or if you are an incoming freshman going into your highschool career. These courses are available for 7-12, but it is mostly recommended for grades 9-12. In the 2024-2025 school year at RHS, CCP courses will be available at the highschool, so you don’t have to worry about taking it online or off campus. 


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