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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Lost Media on the Internet


There’s plenty of lost media scattered around the internet. According to Wikipedia, lost media is any sort of media that is believed to have been forgotten or no longer exists in any format. The term ‘lost media’ mainly applies to movie projects, songs that have been long forgotten or unfinished, pieces of artwork with no found creator to claim it, and other related forms of media.

When RHS student, Steven Asebrook was asked about his knowledge of lost media he stated,“I have heard of lost media from a video I watched and it was about a video game called P.T (Playable Teaser) and the game was banned from Playstation due to issues with privacy.”

Bits and pieces of lost media can be found all over the internet, for example on Reddit many people discover lost music and bring it onto online forums like r/lostmedia for input and information from others to try to recover what has been lost.

Some people can manage to discover forms of lost media by buying CDs from old stores. People tend to find old movie projects, or unreleased music, and sometimes they even get the chance to discover the source of what they’ve found.

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For example, remembered lost media can be found on the iceberg charts website, The website has multiple links leading to different categories of lost media, including where they all come from. On the website, there’s a category of lost media from Nickelodeon featuring lost episodes, unreleased pilots, and more.

Some of the interesting recovered medias in this category include the unaired pilot episode of the well known show, “Hey Arnold!” from 1994, the original “Nicktoons” pilot episode from 1990, and more.

Lost media is an interesting gem that can be found in plain sight, or on one of your grandparents dusty CD shelves. Either way, it’s always exciting to uncover someone’s hard work, and to try and find the creative mind(s) behind it.

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