Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Murals Around School

Picture of new mural getting painted at Ross High School.

Murals give off emotions based on what is painted. They could be something happy, sad, angry, or even contain enthusiasm. These emotions can help students connect and maybe even put them in a better mood. Ross High School has painted murals around their school to give students a way to feel better if they are having a bad day. 


These murals painted around the school are different sceneries. Some murals have inspirational quotes on them and cool pictures. The murals are very bright and bring a sense of happiness to everyone. 


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The murals at Ross High School aren’t done by the teachers, they are painted by the students. These students get to be creative and express themselves by painting. On March 1st, 2024 some students were working on some of the uncompleted murals and they even started a couple of new ones. They are adding a sense of brightness to the school every day. 


Murals can make people happy for different reasons. According to Promote Your School, a site for making your school a better place, “…maybe it’s down to the quality of design, premium materials, and perfectly placed messaging.” This shows that murals have a big impact because of what they say or how it is painted. 


The murals add something special to a school as well. They show that the school cares and wants their students to feel welcome every day when they walk into the school. Right now at Ross High School students are working on some new murals. They provide a picture of what it will be so students can look forward to seeing something new and bright every day. 


When asked, do you think the murals around school help students feel better, freshman Meadow Martin, stated, “I think they can help students feel better because they can mean something but students don’t have lots of time in between classes and in the halls to take the time to look.” Martin is saying here that students need more time to understand and take in the murals, but they can help students feel better. 


Another freshman, Chelsea Herald was asked how the murals around school make her feel and she explained, “Good because I feel like I’m surrounded by positive energy.” The murals make students feel positive and better about themselves.


Murals can have a big impact on students’ lives if they take the time to look and understand them. They bring great energy and a positive attitude to the school’s atmosphere.

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