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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Spring and What It Brings



Spring brings the end of winter as well as the beginning of a warmer climate. The season may look great but it also has some dangers to look out for. 


The season of Spring brings multiple kinds of weather all at once including thunderstorms, snow, and tornados. There are a lot of things that need to be looked out for, especially in the first few months. This would include March, April, and May.

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Tornado Valley is a belt of area that is very active in tornadoes touching ground. The location of the valley is in the middle of the U.S, and gets less dangerous the farther you are from it. Spring is the start of tornado season making Tornado Valley not fun to live in.


With a new generation of people driving, the amount of rain that is on its way will be dangerous to new drivers. Rain falling onto the roadways can make a car’s tires slick and won’t let them get traction on the road and could possibly cause accidents. A car crash is able to occur at  any time and anywhere, so these new drivers will have to be on the lookout. 


Spring can bring danger, but also great things like warmer weather, plants starting to bloom, and the return of outdoor activities.


There are many reasons why Spring is a favorite season to lots of people. CNN stated,”Spring signifies the coming out of darkness. We’ve tipped the balance from longer nights to longer days.” 


This season is also beautiful because different flowers and other plants start to bloom. Because of the flowers that start blooming, Spring becomes a way to start over for people hence the nickname “the season of rebirth”.


Spring always brings fresh and cool air letting outdoor activities feel better, but it isn’t all cupcakes and roses. Since warm weather is starting to come back, going outside and spending time in the nice weather is a good option. 


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