RHS Opens New Coffee Shop


Photo Source: Keegan Nickoson

JEE Foods’ employees serving coffee at the Maroon Mocha.

Mariah Clemow, Staff Writer and Editor

The Maroon Mocha, a new coffee shop, was opened up in the cafeteria of RHS by JEE Foods employees and students. They are thriving with a little caffeine and a variety of drinks.

Some students have been loving the new opportunity to purchase coffee before school.

Freshman Alex Yeager said, “I really enjoy the Maroon Mocha. I think it is a cool edition to the high school. My friends and I love having some good coffee in the morning.”

The Maroon Mocha has been successful so far in the short time it has been open at RHS. The coffee shop is not only giving the opportunity to students for caffeine but allowing more people to get involved in JEE Foods and form many connections with the student body.

Senior and JEE Foods employee, Jake Kahmann, said, “The Maroon Mocha has been a success so far. There are people that come everyday, people that come every week, and the student involvement has been awesome as well.”

Senior and CEO of JEE Foods Michael Rivera said, “The coffee shop has been a hit, and we are very excited about it.”

The shop opens at 6:30 am every morning and closes at the end of rambell , giving students time to grab their drink, and head to class.

Kahmann said, “I love working the shop in the mornings. It’s a good way to start the day. I’ve got to meet a lot more people and I love coffee, so bringing everything and everyone together is very cool.”

Students are loving the new coffee frenzy in RHS and the opportunity to drink good coffee at school.

The Maroon Mocha also has a brand new edition of pre ordering drinks. Mr. Martin put out a link on Schoology that allows students to pre order their drink a day ahead so the Maroon Mocha workers can have it ready that morning and all students have to do is pay for it. Students get fresh coffee in no time.

The Maroon Mocha had many additions to the menu already and are planning to add more to satisfy students.

Kahmann said, “We have a lot of flavors as of now, and we are working on some more for the students. We are adding seasonal flavors as different seasons come. We are very excited for new flavors in the future.”

So far the menu of the Maroon Mocha consists of:

Regular Coffee for $1

Hot Chocolate for $1

Mocha for $2

Smoothie (Strawberry, Banana, or Mixed Berry) for $3

Cappuccino (Caramel or Vanilla) for $3

Macchiato (Caramel or Vanilla) for $3

“I would recommend the Caramel Macchiato, I enjoyed that a lot and it wasn’t even expensive,” said Yeager.

Visit the Maroon Mocha in the morning in the cafeteria to start your day off right.