Teens and News


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Speaking of teens and how news affects them

Jake Lambert, staff writer

Recently there have been some new worldly developments that have importance involving everyone. Global news, national news, and local news is all important to our daily routines even if we don’t realize it`.

Most students may not know that genocide has been taking place in Myanmar but the government is hiding it behind the phrase “ethnic cleansing” that way it doesn’t sound like genocide. This news is essential for teens to know. We are the future of the country, we have to stay up to date with the news and current events going on around the globe, not just what’s happening in sports or celebrity tabloids. 

According to theguardian.com, “The Myanmar military has been accused of genocide against the Rohingya in Rakhine state.” This should be alarming to everyone to know that genocide is still occuring today.

“The army was responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity against minorities across the country,” said theguardian.com. This is a big topic because it begs the question, are we going to allow genocide to continue even in this era, even after the holocaust?

News in general can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what sources you get your news from. Biased news stations tend to be less trustworthy and more centered around how they spin the truth. The Myanmar genocide is taking place and not many people have been hearing about it.

Mikaila Morgan, senior, said, “Why would I want to watch something that is always bad?” Teens seem to be gravitating away from the news that they need to know. News is important because it also allows us to keep up with important current events. Most news isn’t what teens think it is, some news isn’t all just bad even if the good isn’t always obvious.

Did you know about the big case against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Many Democrats do not want him to be appointed, and recently a woman by the name of Christine Blasey Ford has come forth and stated that Brett Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her in high school. Now that this is coming into the light, the FBI is getting involved to conduct an investigation into this event and decide whether the facts are true or false. Teens should be aware about this topic as well because Brett Kavanaugh could be serving on the US Supreme Court. This man could have a lot of power and if these accusations are true then do we want someone like this in to have so much control?

News is always going to be a big source of information for us. We should all try to keep up to date with our information and try to stay as knowledgeable about topics happening globally, nationally, and locally. Try listening to podcasts if you don’t like to read or if you do enjoy reading, check out an article from a news source every once in awhile just to see what’s happening in the world around you.