Congressman Visits RHS, Recognizes JEE Foods’ Success


Photo Source: Brayden Ploehs

U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson visits JEE Foods student entrepreneurs to congratulate them on their recent success. Photo courtesy of Brayden Ploehs, Rossonian Yearbook Photo Editor.

U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson visited Ross High School Tuesday morning to celebrate the recent accomplishments of JEE Foods, a student run, legally structured nonprofit organization developed by Butler Tech Ross High School SAGE students. JEE Foods originated from a Global Classroom STEAM Challenge sponsored by Samsung and IVECA International Virtual Schooling led by Butler Tech Ross IT Instructor  Mr. Tom O’Neill. Congressman Davidson congratulated JEE Foods for both their national and global success in the SAGE World Cup in South Africa.

Tuesday’s visit allowed Congressman Davidson the opportunity to praise not only the company itself and the ideas the students were coming up with but also their business plan and the fact that they are high school students launching a non profit company to help fight hunger and poverty.

“This is a real functioning company run by students, and most other companies can’t even make it that far. That is something to celebrate,” said Congressman Davidson said.

Congressman Davidson toured JEE Foods Board member, Mr. O’Neill’s classroom and heard about recent and future plans including the new coffee shop that recently opened up at Ross High School, Maroon Mocha. He recognized them on their worldly success and encouraged them to keep fighting the good fight. Congressman Davidson thanked JEE Foods for “fighting poverty and hunger globally.”

JEE Foods student entrepreneurs, Michael Rivera, Levi Grimm and Brett Eads, all received letters from Congressman Davidson congratulating them on JEE Foods’ success.