Meet The New Murals


Students working on a new mural in the English hallway.

The students in Mrs. Sarah Baker’s murals and public art class at Ross High School have many new upcoming art pieces around the school. As you walk from period to period you may notice their unfinished paintings in the halls and bathrooms. 

The murals are expected to be done before the end of the 2022-2023 school year. These new murals will stay at our school forever. All of the new murals are created to have a positive meaning behind them.

Students in this class had to take art and media A and B classes before they could join murals and public art. The designs are voted on in the class, all students come up with their proposals of what they want to paint around the school and they have a class vote on which murals should be created for the school year. The murals are graded on self and peer evaluations.

In the girls downstairs bathroom there is one of the new murals created by sophomore Kaylee Teague with a quote that states, “Dear me, you were never the problem, there is nothing wrong with you…you’re good enough already. Love, me.” Her mural is based around the mirror, surrounded by flowers and hearts adding a more positive message along with the quote.

Teague stated, “I chose this quote because I wanted girls to read the quote while being in the mirror to give them confidence and motivation for the rest of the day, to not be insecure and to love you for you.”

Also in the same bathroom is junior Melayana Mendozza’s mural with the quote, “Happiness is a butterfly.” Her mural is on the wall of the bathroom, there is a butterfly surrounded with a variety of flowers and other plants.

Mendozza stated, “It’s a quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne and I think it was a really good quote on happiness and achieving it.”

When asked about the hardest part of painting the murals, senior Blake Jessee, the creator of the new mural in the English hallway stated, ”Making sure that everything we paint doesn’t look like it is out of place and making sure it has a lot of detail.” His mural is based on many books that have been read in English classes.

It is refreshing to have some new paintings to look at while walking to class. As you are passing by be sure to check out the up and coming murals in the halls and bathrooms!