Phone Frenzy


Keegan Nickoson

Several teachers require students to place their phones in numbered holders to alleviate class distractions.

Keegan Nickoson, Sports Editor & Staff Writer

The new school year started with the introduction of new and more aggressive restrictions on cell phones. It’s safe to say that students are all asking the same question why?

While there have always been rules on phones at RHS, administration is really cracking down on cell phone usage this school year. New rules include not using phones in the hallway while going to the bathroom. Also, under no circumstances may students have phones in class. However, students may have access to their phones during lunch and bell changes.

“I don’t get on my phone that much during the day, so it hasn’t really affected me. I do think that we should be able to be on our phones in RamBell. It isn’t really a class, we just sit there for 10 minutes the majority of days,” said senior Emma Joyce.

Administration has toyed with the idea of completely banning phones from the school. There are many different studies explaining the pros and cons of cell phone use in schools.

Principal Brian Martin, spearheaded the new phone policy.

“At the end of the day, we did what was best for our students. There have been many studies that show how phones are affecting students today,” said Martin.

In class meetings at the beginning of the school year, Martin mentioned his own personal experience with the overuse of cellular devices.

“My daughter had to ask me to put my phone down so I could spend more time with her. I would say that was one of my a-ha moments that something had to be done,” said Martin.

If you’re wondering if the higher ups here at Ross will repeal this new policy, don’t hold your breath. Martin mentioned they don’t expect any mid year changes for the 2018-2019 school year.

Here are some of the key benefits and faults of having cell phones in the classroom according to


Parents can get in touch with their children. 48% of parents track their kids whereabouts through their phone. Obviously, a big reason for phones to be in school is in case of emergencies. Parents may need to contact students in case something has gone wrong, or if they have to change their daily plans. Also, teachers often set up study groups that you can access from your phone.


Cell phones often make distracting noises during class that disrupt learning.

Students are always tempted to get on their phones during class, even when they aren’t supposed to. Phones are often used for cyber bullying by students. It is very easy to spread rumors or misinformation throughout the school.

While it might be easy to grow angry toward the administration here at Ross, just know that they are trying to implement the best policies for all RHS students.