Have You Heard The Herd?


Butler County HS Sports Report

The Herd performs the infamous “airball” chant during a game against SWOC rival Talawanda.

Keegan Nickoson, Staff Writer and Sports Editor

In the northeast corner of the Ross High School gym, a sign reads “home students”. Under that sign, one of the best student sections in Ohio resides.

The Herd was asked to attend a school board meeting in the RHS Media center On Jan. 31. However, Ross administration had a little surprise up their sleeve.

The announcement shared that The Herd was one of thirteen student sections nominated for the Golden Megaphone, an award which “recognizes student sections across Ohio that cheer loud and positive for their teams.”  RHS Assistant Principal Emily Doblinger described her reaction when hearing about The Herd’s recognition.

“Of course. For three years I’ve watched it expand, and it’s a good testament to all of you as kids for what you’re putting out there and the message is really good,” stated Doblinger.

Doblinger, who came to Ross before the 2016-2017 school year, noticed how Herd attendance has risen since.

“In my three years here I don’t think we have had that many kids come out every week, home or away, I mean, we have a student section at every game. That’s been very powerful and inspiring,” said Doblinger.

On Friday, Jan. 18, at a boys Varsity basketball game, Ross students broke a Herd attendance record in a USA & Military out against conference rival Harrison, to honor service members in both communities. Ross fans came out in full force.

“That was definitely my favorite out of the season. We had a couple sophomores that went all out and painted their bodies. We had a lot of people there, it was a really good, fun time,” said Herd leader Whitley Arno.

Arno spent both the football and basketball seasons in the front row of The Herd. She was integral for producing chants, coming up with outs for each and every game, and keeping the spirit and passion of The Herd at its highest level.

“Whitley kept The Herd exciting and high energy. There is no one else better for the job,” said senior point guard Isaiah Brinck.

“I think she did great, it’s a very tough job getting kids to participate, and keeping that situation from getting chaotic, in a very chaotic environment,” said RHS principal Brian Martin.

Arno’s and the rest of The Herd’s passion may branch farther past the 2018-2019 season, Its impact more meaningful than any Golden Megaphone.

“It’s a breath of fresh air, not only as a board member, not only as a former coach, but more importantly as someone who has a kid in the elementary system of this district, it’s where you want to be,” said RLSD board member, and former varsity basketball coach Sean Van Winkle.

On March 22, Herd representatives will travel to Columbus for the final decision on which school will win the Golden Megaphone. The announcement will be made during halftime of the Boys Basketball State Championship. There is no doubt The Herd put its best foot forward this season, setting an example for Ross students in the future.