Opinion: The Reds Opening Day Parade

Onlookers wait for the parade to start.


Onlookers wait for the parade to start.

Onlookers gaze at the overdecored, gleaming floats as they parade down the streets of downtown Cincinnati. Bands from high schools all over Cincinnati practiced day in and day out in preparation for March 30th. All this celebration for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team opening day, which could have gone better. Myself, along with many others, agree that it’s not about the outcome of the game, but the spirit of the supporters that counts.

The Reds Parade started on a high note with nice, breezy weather and flourishing market shops. Everyone was setting up their seats for a decent view of the parade, and the Ross High Times group was walking around making purchases and interviewing others. 

I enjoyed my time walking around Findlay Market and eating the delicious food. While the market was crowded, and it was hard to hear my friends, everyone was smiling, in a cheery mood, and rather helpful. Strangers were open to interviews, and the shop owners were patient. After looking around Findlay Market for a while, we started walking. Sidewalks weren’t too crowded and the nice weather stayed consistent. News and TV broadcasts were setting up cameras for the parade as we walked the blocks. Everyone was all around having a good time.

One Reds fan stated, “[I am most excited] to see everyone and see the parade. I really like the cheerleaders and the bands.”

An East Central band member said, “I’ve never done this before.. so I’m just excited to be here.”

Overall, even though the Reds unfortunately lost, the parade was a hit. Band members, viewers, and participants alike all seemed to enjoy their time downtown. I believe going to the parade was a nice break from a normal school day, and I advise that if you have the chance, you should definitely experience the Reds Parade for yourself.